🦠 Update a gist to contain global or country specific coronavirus stats

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🦠 Update a gist to contain global or per country coronavirus stats

covid-box is a GitHub Action that is designed to work using the schedule event.

GitHub Actions status


Prep work

  1. Create a new public GitHub Gist (
  2. Create a personal access token with the gist scope and copy it. (

Project setup

  1. Fork this repository
  2. Go to the repo Settings > Secrets
  3. Add the following environment variables:
    • GH_PAT: The personal access token generated above.
    • GIST_ID: The ID portion from your gist url:
    • COUNTRY: Specify a country name to show country specific data, if omitted, Global data is shown.
  4. Wait for it to update! 🎉


This project uses the covidapi npm package to get all the data from NovelCOVID API

Inspired by JasonEtco/activity-box