Hi, I’m Julian.

I'm from Austria and

I love coding and web design.

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git-badges is a small project I did when I was bored. It is used to display a visits counter
on a GitHub README, either yours or from one of your projects.
(June 2020)
covid-box is a GitHub Action I built because I wanted to learn how GitHub Actions work.
It updates a Gist every 30 minutes using the Open Disease API.
(June 2020)
PaletteBot is a Facebook Bot I first started in April 2019. It takes a random image
from Unsplash every 15 minutes and tries to extract the most beautiful colors.
(June 2020)
covid-box is a third party GitHub Action which updates a GitHub Gist periodically with
COVID19 data provided by the Open Disease API.
(May 2020)
Sweet is an artist from Austria and also a childhood friend of mine.
I help him promote his new releases and his social media accounts through this project.
(April 2020)
Oreno Ramen is a small ramen shop in the middle of Vienna.
I designed this landing page because I really loved their food and a friend of mine worked there.
(February 2020)
disease.sh (formerly NovelCOVID/API) is an Open-Source project I started contributing to.
I am now a maintainer and member of the core team.
(March 2020)
A COVID19 Dashboard I started working on while being at home.
This was the first time I used Chart.js and Icons8.
(March 2020)
COVID19DailyDigest is a daily newsletter about COVID in a selected country.
My first time using SendGrid to send mails, it was an awesome experience!
(March 2020)
While working on the NovelCOVID API, I felt the need for a fast and easy to use
API wrapper for my projects and I knew the official one wasn't kept up to date.
(March 2020)
This is a basic visualization of the COVID numbers per country.
The hardest part was getting the font size right and making it work on both desktop and mobile.
(March 2020)
I am working on some private projects which I might share soon.